The Most Revered Comic Book Of All Time

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The golden age of comic books started around the late 1930s going into the early 1950s. It was around this period that most of the adventure characters and superheroes we know and love today were introduced. Today, some of the characters from comic books are now billion-dollar brands. The most valued comic books are the ones that tell the story of a superhero’s very first adventure. However, for a comic book to carry a large price, they have to be in near mint condition.

The Most Expensive Comic Book


While some collectors of comic books would argue that ‘Detective Comics’ is the true holy grail of comic books, most agree that Action Comics is the real champion here. Historically, if the judgment was to be based upon the biggest individual sales of comic books then Action Comics takes the trophy.  The comic featured the debut of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel’s Superman who would take up most of the spots on a list of the most expensive comic books. Action Comics had four other different copies that sold for over a million dollars.

Perv Mom – Based On A True Story!


The golden age of comic books might be far behind us, but digital era brings us something else – what is it? Well, brand new series of taboo fantasies popping in every place you look! Internet is filled with it, so once you are done with reading your comics get yourself familiar with the newest series in adult world of entertainment called Perv Mom. Surprised? You should be! This is fantasy series where sexually frustrated mothers are so perverted that they try and successfully do seduce their step sons. Crazy, real-life scenarios happening in houses mixed with fantasy that’s been so popular lately – this is exactly what Perv Mom is.

Action Comics, which is an American comic book series, takes credit for having introduced Superman to the world. There are probably few people who haven’t heard of this superhero – who brought the notion of championing good over evil out of the church pulpit and into the living room. Originally, Action Comics was published by National Allied Publications who later changed their name to National Periodical Publications, and finally became DC Comics.  Serving as the longest-running comic books, the first volume of Action Comics ran from 1938 to 2011. The second volume ran from 2011 to 2016, and in August 2016, the comic book returned to its original numbering.

Current Value

Initially costing about 10 cents, an original copy of an edition of the Action Comics just recently raked in $3.2 million on eBay making it the most expensive in the world.  When the owner decided to put his nearly pristine and rare copy of the debut issue of Man of Steel on eBay for auction he had no idea how big it would sell. He started the bid at 99 cents, and in less than two hours his generous bid had skyrocketed past $1.5 million. When the bidding came to an end, the owner Darren Adams realized that his Action Comics copy had scored him a whopping $3,207,852.

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