Marvel Vs. DC – The Unending Battle Of Superhero Dominance

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that superheroes are dominating the world today. Whether it is in comic book stores, TV series, merchandise or movies, there is no denying the fact that superheroes are here to stay. And as any fan worth their salt knows, the world of costumed crime fighters spans two giants-DC and Marvel. …

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The Complete Schedule And Details Of Comic-Con Expos Around The World In 2017

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Comic-con expo is an international multi-genre convention that is held every year in San Diego, California. A group of San Diego businessmen founded this convention in 1970. The founders include Ken Krueger, Shel Dorf, Richard Alf and Mike Towry. It was initially known as “Golden Gate Comic Book Convention” before it changed its name to “San Diego Comic Book Convention.” …

The Most Revered Comic Book Of All Time

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The golden age of comic books started around the late 1930s going into the early 1950s. It was around this period that most of the adventure characters and superheroes we know and love today were introduced. Today, some of the characters from comic books are now billion-dollar brands. The most valued comic books are the ones that tell the story of a superhero’s …